Charter Holder FAQ's



Q:  What do I receive for $600?
A.  1)  Charter Holder membership: Annual Dues - $500
      2)  Start Up Kit - $80 first year
      3)  First year new member handling fee - $20

      4)  A kit containing materials and printed assistance sufficient to operate one eight (8) team league for one full season.

Q:   Can sanctioned leagues play on tables owned by the location?
A:   NO! ALL official or scheduled matches must only be played on tables owned by Charter Holders.

Q:   How many teams can I organize?
A:   As many as you wish.

Q:  Can I organize pool leagues without joining the VNEA?
A:  Certainly, but they cannot be sanctioned or eligible for National recognition, play under the rules, or compete in any sanctioned VNEA tournament or event.

Q:  How much does it cost for players to join or become sanctioned?
A:  $15/player/year. $17.00 if received at VNEA Headquarters after Dec. 15 annually.

Q:  How can I sanction my players once I am a Charter Holder?
A:  Through the Player Sanctioning page that can be found under the Charter Holder tab.

Q:  What does a player receive for their membership dues?
A:  National uniform rules, schedules, awards, membership patch/pin, bi-monthly (online) magazine, eligibility for upper level tournaments. 

Q:  Can an operator who does not hold a Charter sanction pool leagues?
A:  No, only approved Charter Holders may sanction leagues under the VNEA rules.

Q:  How long does a league play?
A:  Preferably 21-28 weeks; September to April.

Q:  How big should my league be?
A:  You set the size. Usually 8-12 Teams per Division.

Q:  How many players on a team?
A:  Four or five with at least two substitutes to cover for absences.

Q:  What is the location owner's responsibility?
A:  To organize teams from the player customers and host league matches each week during the season.

Q:  Can I get help getting started?
A:  Yes. Printed materials and oral suggestions are available from Headquarters.  Also, other Charter Holders are available to help you with any questions. 
      These Charter Holders can be found in the "Charter Holder Directory" in the "Charter Holder Login" page. 

Q:  When do leagues start and end?
A:  Ideally, leagues should start in September or October, and end in April or May.

Q:  Can my location owners form teams from their own customers?
A:  Yes. We encourage them to do so