Charter Holders

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You can apply for a charter membership online or else print & submit the application manually. You also must include a completed Recommendation Letter.

Please Note: All approved, new applicants will receive a Provisional Membership for up to two years from the approval date. Such Charter will be issued for the State or Province for which it is requested. No Charter may be used outside the geographical border. If a Charter Holder wishes to operate in a second or adjacent State or Province, additional application fees must be submitted.

 The VNEA has an extensive list of Benefits that our Charter Holders are able to enjoy:

  • Complete Line of League Materials

  • Standardized Set of Rules

  • Calendar of Association Events

  • Charter Holder Directory

  • Operator Assistance Network

  • Board of Directors Positions

  • Committee Positions

  • Charter Holder Educational Workshop

  • Comprehensive & Informative Annual Report

  • Increased Table Revenue

  • National Credibility & Player Loyalty

  • State & Provincial Tournament Program

  • National Magazine Recognition

  • Charter Holder Awards (ie. Chuck Milhem Golden 8's, Appreciation Awards)

  • Software Program / Rating

  • World Artistic & Speed Pool Competition

  • Informative website:

  • e-mail:

  • Valley Product Incentives

  • Offering a medium of exchange with others having similar business problems or concerns

  • Promotional Kit

National Awards Program