2004 Hall of Fame


Don Tanner
Charter: Music Service & Automatic Vendors – Sioux Falls, SD

In 2003, Don was inducted into the South Dakota 8-Ball Hall of Fame and has participated in every South Dakota State Tournament since 1977.

Don has accumulated several local and state championship titles with his most memorable coming in 1989 when he captured the B-Division Singles title and his team won the A-Division Team title at the South Dakota State Championships.

He has captained several teams even bringing them to Las Vegas for the International Championships where his teams have finished in the "Top Ten" on numerous occasions.

Don believes that the VNEA league program has taken pool to the next level.

"Having attended every VNEA International Championship, except for the 1st Annual, I have seen the growth and improvement that VNEA strives for each year. Also, the addition of the Junior Program has been a great way to introduce our youth to the sport of pool." – Don Tanner



Robert Ross
Charter: Ontario Skill Games – Toronto, Ontario

Robert has shown a remarkable commitment to his local VNEA league program. He has been an active member of Ontario Pool Leagues since 1994 and has participated and supported all VNEA events and tournaments at the local, regional, and international levels. He has also volunteered his time in assisting in organizing the local advanced and intermediate league program.

Robert has captained at least one team every year since his first year of involvement. He referees, teaches, encourages, and develops confidence in many of the players with his guided leadership.

Possessing numerous local and provincial titles with his team "The Road Warriors," Robert has developed into a very accomplished player. He has also played well at the "Big Show" in Las Vegas every year from 1994 to 2002.

"My Charter Holder, Ontario Skill Games, are a class act. They have allowed myself and many other pool players the unique opportunity to play in various levels of pool competition." – Robert Ross



Steve Guilford
Charter: A. Van Brackel & Sons – Defiance, Ohio

The consummate pool league coordinator. Steve headed A. Van Brackel’s pool league program for over 25 years. He was also in charge of the local Referee Training program and was the Tournament Chairperson for the local pool association’s annual championships.

Steve was the Past President of the AVB Pool League Association as well as Past President of the Ohio Coin Machine Association’s Pool Tournament Advisory Committee.

Steve was very well known as a Certified Referee where he worked at the local and state level tournaments as well as several International Championship events in Las Vegas.

Steve embodied the spirit and attitude that all pool players should have. He was such a good sport that A. Van Brackel’s local pool association now gives an annual award called the "Steve Guilford – Good Sportsman of the Year" award.



Sam Kirby
Charter: Muncie Coin – Muncie, Indiana

Although Sam has always helped promote the VNEA in his area, his main focus is on helping other players improve their games and take them to the next level.

Sam has played on 4 State Champion teams in Indiana, and he and his teammates enjoy helping new teams understand the rules of tournament play.

Sam’s most memorable moment in the VNEA came in 2000 when he received his first "Charlie" award at the International Championships in Las Vegas for placing 3rd/4th in Open 8-Ball Singles.
"Valley tables, the VNEA, and various sponsors have created an excellent pool league system and tournament format for competitors worldwide to participate in. My Charter Holder (Muncie Coin) does a tremendous job with our league program throughout the year." – Sam Kirby



Ty Wilson
Charter: Theisen Vending – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Ty is a seasoned and repetitive VNEA All-Star. As a matter of fact, he has earned a spot on the VNEA International All-Star Team in three different years (1993, 2000, 2003).

Ty has been a team Captain every year of his 22-year involvement with the VNEA. At both the Minnesota and Wisconsin State Championships, he has accumulated several winner and runner-up finishes in both the singles and team competition.

At the International Championships, Ty has performed like a true Champion over the years. Besides being a 3-time All-Star, Ty has helped secure a Master team title in 1999 followed by a 9-Ball Master Singles title the following year in 2000.

"I like the way that VNEA and Valley goes the extra distance for its pool league players, especially at the International Championships. For example, bleachers in the Tournament Room, the Suds & Chips Mixer, the Banquet, Parties at the pool, and much more." – Ty Wilson