Master & Intermediate Player Listings

Masters & Intermediate Player Listing (click here for complete lists)

If you are a listed Intermediate player, you are ineligible to play on a Regular Team. You can play on an Intermediate or Master Team.

If you are a listed Master player, you are ineligible to play on a Regular Team. You can play on a Master Team or you can play on an
Intermediate Team if you are the only Master on that Intermediate Team.

All players have the option of competing in a higher division than they are listed.

Classic Singles and Senior Singles are only available for Regular Division players of proper age.

 It is very difficult to foresee every possible situation that can arise. Therefore, any player who hasn’t played in the International Championships in the last 3 years, or entries of known Intermediate or Masters ability may be placed in a higher Division at the discretion of the Tournament Committee.

The following VNEA Sanctioned Players have earned higher rankings for their participation in the International Championships. Congratulations!

These lists are not all-inclusive as the Tournament Committee retains final discretion, in all cases, in placement of individuals and teams in the various Divisions. Also, those wishing to voluntarily move up to a higher Division are welcome.  After an individual has been moved up to a higher division, if they do not win any prize money (exception mini’s) for the next 3 years, they have the option of returning to the next lower division.