Charter Holder Benefits

       The VNEA has an extensive list of Benefits that our Charter Holders are able to enjoy:

  • Complete Line of League Materials

  • Standardized Set of Rules

  • Calendar of Association Events

  • Charter Holder Directory

  • Operator Assistance Network

  • Board of Directors Positions

  • Committee Positions

  • Charter Holder Educational Workshop

  • Comprehensive & Informative Annual Report

  • Increased Table Revenue

  • National Credibility & Player Loyalty

  • State/Provincial/International Tournaments

  • National Magazine Recognition

  • Charter Holder Awards (ie. Chuck Milhem Golden 8's, Appreciation Awards)

  • Software Program

  • World Artistic & Speed Pool Competition

  • Comprehensive Promotional Kit

  • Informative website:

  • e-mail:

  • Valley Product Incentives

  • Offering a medium of exchange with others having similar business problems or concerns

  • National Awards Program